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Artist Statement and Bio (MAUREEN DRDAK)

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Awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to train under Newar repoussé master Rabindra Shakya—grandson of the famed Kuber Singh Shakya--Drdak's work represents the first synthesis of repoussé and painting, "an inspired coupling....without antecedents."
~ Dr. Mary Slusser, 2012(Research Associate, Freer/Sackler Galleries, Washington D.C.)

The grandsons of Kuber Singh Sakya of Okubahalrepresent the pre-eminent practitioners of this art in the world today; the family lineage dates from the late sixteenth century, and was patronized by the Malla and Shah kings.  Preserving ancient techniques within contemporary frameworks, Drdak is the only contemporary artist whose work incorporates this ancient practice and she continues to explore its expressive potential.

Drdak states:
My work is an exploration of philosophical and cultural synthesis in which eastern and western iconographies are meaningfully integrated, bringing together disparate materials, traditional and contemporary aesthetics, and symbolic language.  Materials function as a sensorial threshold evoking psycho-emotional states, and I enlist and explore imagery that bridges diverse cultural paradigms in the service of transcultural communication.  My work is deeply informed by my travels in Nepal and the Himalayas, whose landscapes are powerful metaphors for physical, cultural, and psychological forces in opposition and integration; my selection and application of materials are reflective of these energies in eternal congress.  Believing that the powerful and expressive potential of indigenous ways of seeing and knowing can be effectively harnessed to contemporary art practice, my work endeavors to engage the viewer on multiple levels, increasing awareness of the interrelationship of environmental and cultural preservation.

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